What Is the Zionist Message in Israel's Spring Holidays?

Two weeks before Passover, everything in Israel comes alive as if awakening from a coma. After a broiling summer, a short fall...Reformjudaism.org

Why Firsthand Encounters With Palestinians Are so Important

Last month, for the fourth time in 18 months, I was in the Palestinian city of Ramallah with a group of American Jewish leaders. Ramallah is an interesting, bustling, and complicated city. Although...Reformjudaism.org

Connecting to Judaism Through Songs of Social Justice

This past December was a profoundly life-altering time for me. I attended the Reform Jewish community’s Biennial convention and found something I didn’t even know I was missing.

I came ...Reformjudaism.org

Every Day Should Be “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day”

Engineers around the world constantly shape and reshape our future. Like the Wizard of Oz, they’re the people behind the curtain who create the technologies that change and improve our lives. Unf...Reformjudaism.org

What If Zionism Had a Jewish Counterpart in the Diaspora?

Imagine for a moment that Jewish history had developed along slightly different lines than it did. Imagine that alongside Zionism, the modern movement dedicated to rebuilding the Jewish homeland, a...Reformjudaism.org

What Was Jewish About This Year's Oscars?

This year’s Oscars featured some great Jewish moments. “Call Me by Your Name,” a coming-of-age romance between two young Jews (who both wear some great Star of David necklaces), won ...Reformjudaism.org

6 Important Lessons from Sam, My 5-Year-Old Friend

One of my closest friends, Sam, is 5-years-old. On most weekdays at about 3 o’clock, he comes into my office, puts his Spiderman backpack and lunchbox on the floor, takes a seat, and begins our c...Reformjudaism.org

How Purim Can Fill an Emotional Need for Connection

I never really “got” Purim as a young adult. The endless noisemaking during the M’gillah reading felt tiresome and the need to feel happy at the parties reminded me of the same prete...Reformjudaism.org

7 Decades of Innovation in Israel: Computers and Software Technologies

Today, Israel is known worldwide as a leader in science and the hi-tech industry. During its second decade (1958-1968), the still-young nation laid the groundwork that eventually would enable its a...Reformjudaism.org

Why It Is Critical to Make the 2020 Census Count

In Ki Tisa, God commands Moses to conduct one of the first censuses in the Torah, but rather than i...Reformjudaism.org